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Auto salvage can be a good way to spot a bargain on a restorable vehicle or auto parts. Often, a salvage yard is the only place you can find certain parts for older cars. Many of these old parts are no longer produced by the manufacturer and can still be very difficult to locate online. Buying parts at the local auto salvage yard also lets you pick only original manufacturer's equipment so you do not have to wonder about the quality of your parts.

For owners of newer cars, auto salvage may simply be a way to save money on replacement parts. A secondhand part from the wrecking yard may cost half as much as a new part would at the store. Re-using old parts from salvage is also more environmentally-friendly than always buying new. Instead of ending up in a landfill somewhere, that part can have new life in your car. Even when you purchase parts from an auto salvage yard, you should be able to get some type of warranty against defects. This may be a more limited time period than the original manufacturer's warranty, but most salvage yards do at least offer 30 or 60 day protection.

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